3 platforms that prioritize corporate ratings

The dance of seduction between recruiters and candidates has almost reversed. We are seeing more and more articles on "how to attract young graduates".

Companies realize that in this age of web and social networks, transparency is a major issue in terms of attracting young and vibrant talent. Company rating is part of this package and must be taken into account by the company. Being totally transparent in order to attract the best candidates but also to retain its employees, is the solution to create a positive dynamic.

At least, this is the conviction of 3 recruitment platforms that have made corporate rating their pet projects. Their mission? Provide employees with the information they need about a company in order to choose one that best meets their expectations The information includes remuneration, work environment, testimonials from former employees, and more.

Glassdoor – Discover the box – Get the job

Glassdoor is a leader in the business valuation market and founded in 2008 in the United States. To date, Glassdoor has 340,000 company listings in 190 countries. A solid database that offers candidates and employees maximum visibility. Region jobs and Monster had better watch out!

Welcome to the jungle – Find the tribe that suits you

Welcome to the jungle is a brand new player in business valuation. The site was launched in January 2015. Its ambition is to support the candidate in his job search. To do this, he has access to all the information and advice needed to choose the company that really suits him. Each company profile is accompanied by the average age of existing employees, the percentage of turnover, and even the ratio of men to women. An extra feature is an ability for candidates to apply for jobs in one click via LinkedIn.

Bizmarks – Employees rate their companies

Bizmarks has also chosen to let employees evaluate their companies. With its steaming cup of coffee for its logo, the start-up Bizmarks, is still in the beta phase. Employees can rate their company according to 8 criteria: salaries, variety of benefits, professional growth prospects offered to employees, general working atmosphere, personal life (respect for the balance between personal and professional life), work environment, and the social responsibility policy of the company.

Transparency in business, a key issue

In the past, several platforms have tried to enter the business valuation niche but today, they are either out of service or have dropped the model. However, in a post-covid-world, an era of continuous communication that invites companies to engage as never before to seduce and attract candidates, company rating could well become more accepted.

What do you think of these 3 platforms rating companies? Do you know of others? Do you think that the rating of companies by employees is a necessity today? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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