5 examples of emails to send after an interview

By email or phone, you want to thank the recruiter after a job interview. Doing so will demonstrate your motivation and zeal.

60% of job candidates like to follow up after an interview via email. But some are afraid of not finding the right words or of reducing their chances by seeming too eager. There are many reasons not to reach out, and yet, the right message can tip the scales in your favor.

Money Market Square offers you 5 examples of post-interview emails, to send, depending on each person’s situation. Follow our guide to gain the trust of your potential employer.

  • Why follow up after an interview?
    • To increase your chances of getting the job
    • To identify your weaknesses and improve yourself
    • To be recommended for another job
  • Advantages of doing so by email
    • It keeps you from being too intrusive
    • It allows you space to structure your ideas
  • Advantages of telephone reminders
    • It strengthens your links with your potential employer
    • It allows you to show who you really are
  • Purpose of follow-up messages
    • To confirm your interest in the position
    • To give further information
    • To re-engage in the absence of a response
    • To announce your availability
    • To respond to a negative response

Why follow up after an interview?

To strengthen your chances of getting the job

While often overlooked, the post-interview email can be as important as the job interview itself. During the first meeting, the recruiter will pay attention to your presentation and your non-verbal communication. Once it is over, he will want to assess your motivation and your seriousness through your ability to re-engage. A candidate who remains silent post-interview might be seen as lax or disinterested.

To identify your weaknesses and improve yourself

In the event of an unsuccessful application, the follow-up allows you to learn from your mistakes. Your message should allow you to get real feedback on the interview, to take the necessary perspective on the situation. This process is essential to overcome the feeling of failure. You will then be fully aware of your strengths and areas for improvement for future interviews.

To be recommended for another job

Human relationships are at the heart of the recruitment process. This is the reason why you must take care of your exchanges until the end, even if the position has escaped you. Perhaps there is another job to be filled in the company? Some contacts of your potential employer would be interested in your profile? Good spelling and well-constructed answers can open doors for you. So, be sure not to overlook any detail!

The advantages of email reminders

It keeps you from being too intrusive

For the most cautious candidates, the thank you email after a job interview is the ideal ice-breaker. You can keep the right distance, while warmly reaffirming your interest in the company. It also allows you to highlight your writing skills, especially if these are among the skills required. Be careful, however, to take time for proofreading, even if it means using online correction software.

It allows you to structure your ideas

In a post-interview cover letter, you can weigh every word or phrase to better keep the situation under control. Unlike the telephone, it gives you the time to construct airy sentences without leaving anything to chance. Tip: If you need to give information, use bulleted lists to gain clarity.

The advantages of telephone reminders

It strengthens your links with your potential employer

The telephone follow-up is the best option if you have had good contact with the recruiter. After the interview, it is best to consolidate this connection with a thank you call after an interview . Make sure you appear confident, dynamic and motivated on the phone. You will have to show the potential employer that you are available and listening. You will be a step ahead of your competitors thanks to your show of initiative.

It allows you to show who you are

Often, emails tend to look the same and lack personality. Between three examples of thank you mail after a job interview written by three different candidates, the recruiter will be difficult to distinguish the character of each. Conversely, a call allows you to reveal yourself and show you are confident in yourself and your abilities. It is also a good opportunity when you can ask your potential employer additional questions, and slip in small touches of humor. Properly balanced, these details will count in your favor at the time of the final decision.

Examples of follow-up messages

1. To confirm your interest in the position

Subject: Following our interview on 20/11/2020

Dear Mr. Donald,

I am following up on our meeting on November 20th to thank you for having received me in the premises of your company. This exchange allowed me to identify all the expectations related to the position of sales manager to be filled. I am ready to prove myself through the development of the three key requirements:

  • International deployment
  • Development of a new range of products for children
  • Management of a team of 10 people

My past experiences have allowed me to acquire the skills necessary to achieve these goals. I am ready to take on new challenges within your company.

Pending your response, I remain at your disposal by phone or email.

Best regards,

Leo Carter

(Contact information)

2. To provide additional information

Subject: Interview on  20/11/2020: additional information

Dear Mr. Donald,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the time and attention you have devoted to my application. During our interview on November 20, I informed you of my interest in the position of sales manager to be filled in your company. However, I forgot to give you certain information concerning my qualifications and my availability:

  • I am engaged in my business until January 1
  • I have a B license and an A2 license

I also attach to this email a recommendation from my current employer, Mrs. Sandra. She can testify to my commitment and give you an overview of my results over 5 years.

I renew my wish to join your company to continue to prove myself. You can count on my commitment and my determination throughout our collaboration.

Do not hesitate to contact me by email or by phone, I remain at your disposal.

Best regards,

Leo Carter

(Contact information)

3. To relaunch if there is no response

Subject: Interview on  20/11/2020: follow-up

Dear Mr. Donald,

I would like to thank you for having received me in your premises for our interview on November 2oth. Thanks to the additional information you provided me, this meeting confirmed my interest and my motivation for the position of sales manager to be filled within your company.

However, this interview goes back 15 days and I have not yet received a response from you. If your choice has already been made, could you tell me your decision? Your feedback on my application will be of great help to me. Do not hesitate to send me any comments on our exchange.

I remain committed to putting my skills to work for your business, and sincerely hope to have the opportunity to work alongside you. I will make a point of achieving all the commercial objectives that will be entrusted to me.

I remain at your entire disposal.

Best regards,

Leo Carter

(Contact information)

4. To announce your are hired

Subject: Application for the position of sales manager, update

Dear Mr. Donald,

We met on November 20, as part of my application for the position of sales manager which has become available in your company. I would like to thank you for taking the time to study my profile and for explaining to me the issues related to this job.

Despite my strong interest in your company, I would like to inform you of my recent hiring at Goldman Sachs. Their response reached me recently, and it seemed important to me to let you know as soon as possible.

I regret that our collaboration was not successful, and I sincerely hope that you will find the ideal candidate for this position.

Wishing you good luck,

Leo Carter

(Contact information)

5. To respond to a negative response to an application

Subject: Application for the position of sales manager, negative response following interview

Dear Mr. Donald,

I am following up on your message concerning my candidacy within your company. We met on November 20 to discuss the goals and competencies of the Sales Manager position.

I note with regret that you did not retain my profile for this job. I am therefore coming back to you to take note of your comments. Do you have any feedback for me on the progress of our interview? Did some things displease you, or convince you? I would like to understand what motivated your choice in order to improve myself in the future.

Thank you again for your time with me, and stay tuned for other opportunities in your business. The dynamism, cohesion and creativity that reign in your teams particularly appealed to me.

Wishing you an excellent continuation.


Leo Carter

(Contact information)

Why write to the recruiter after a job interview?

After a job interview, a follow-up can reinforce the good impression the recruiter has of you. But still it is necessary to adopt the right approach to set the stage.

Find out how to follow up effectively after an interview:

  • Confirm your interest with an email after enthusiastic interview .
  • Follow up with the recruiter with a thank you letter after the interview to give them more information about your situation.
  • Contact the recruiter if there is no response to thank him after an interview and remind him of your interest in the position.
  • Tell the recruiter if you have been hired elsewhere: you pay attention and respect to him while keeping cordial contact for the future.
  • Send a follow-up email after a negative response to request interview feedback and try to understand the reason for the refusal.
  • Establish telephone contact and strengthen your relationship with the other person.

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