5 tips for a successful video job interview

Now employers prefer video interviews to phones, because if you only hear a person's voice, you are missing out on an important part of their message: their non-verbal communication.

Confinement requires that physical contact is avoided as much as possible and face-to-face job interviews are no longer the norm. And it’s likely that companies will switch to video interviews through tools like Skype or Zoom. If you’ve never done this before, it can be extra stressful. Do not panic ! Money Market Square reveals 5 tips for a successful video job interview.

Now employers prefer video interviews to phones, because if you only hear a person’s voice, you are missing out on an important part of their message: their non-verbal communication. If you are planning to take a video interview in the near future, follow the guide to prepare yourself well and perform at your best! 

1. Polish your outfit

Make sure you look professional. Dress as if it were a face-to-face interview. Don’t make the mistake of thinking: they only see my bust and my face, so I can keep my pajama bottoms on… Prepare as you would under normal conditions: this will help you adopt the right posture and keep you give confidence.

2. Choose a quiet place

Pay attention to where you sit for the video interview. Choose a quiet room, with a neutral, tidy background. Also pay attention to the light, if possible natural. Limit noise pollution by closing windows and notify those around you. If you are using your laptop, plug in your charger and close any apps that might distract you. Also consider turning off your cell phone, as you would for a face-to-face interview.

3. Watch your posture

Although the video provides more information than a telephone interview, your posture on screen is more difficult to judge than in real life. Our advice: make eye contact, don’t look at yourself on the screen but look at the person you’re talking to. It is also important that your arms and hands appear in the image, which allows you to show more of yourself. Above all, show that you are enthusiastic by staying smiling and dynamic.

4. Be yourself

When applying by video, you may be tempted to use cheat sheets to reassure yourself. If you decide to do so, write down only keywords and use your index card subtly as a reminder. Do not write long sentences to avoid reading them. Stay natural.

5. Practice, practice and practice

Turn on Skype or Zoom, and practice conversing with yourself! Or with a family member or friend. This way you become familiar with your image and your voice on the screen. And don’t forget to test the equipment. The app on your phone or computer may not work with certain apps without being set up. So ask which video tool will be used and test it beforehand!

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