Business is booming

During this pandemic the wealth of the USA's billionaires has risen by nearly a third, about $10.2 trillion.

Since the outbreak of covid-19, the world has had to adapt to new realities. Redundancies have increased significantly but so also the wealth of some businessmen and women e.g. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos’s personal fortune increased by 65% since March 2020. During this pandemic, the wealth of the USAs billionaires has risen by nearly a third, about $10.2 trillion.

Steve Bezos personal fortune increased by 65% since March 2020.

Why do the rich get richer, despite a global crisis? Simple!

  1. MONEY FOLLOWS VALUE. Money is a means (a vehicle) for transferring value, from one individual or system to another. As one individual or system creates value, another individual or system acquires that value by exchanging something of equivalent value…often money. To ensure the inflow of money, the rich ensure the steady outflow of value.
  2. The rich own their systems or are key players in the systems in which they operate. Simply put, they own their own businesses. The purpose of a business is to meet a need….the money (and sometimes fame) follows. On the other hand, the purpose of a job is to serve the needs of a business. This is why a worker in a business rarely grows richer than the business.

Moment of clarity

The rich realized (earlier than most) that in order to live full lives, we need money

The rich realized (earlier than most) that in order to live full lives, money is needed because it provides access to options…freedom, and to ensure a reasonable amount of money, they need to OWN their own systems aka businesses.

In recent times, some have been forced, by COVID-19 redundancies to see the opportunities presented by owning your own business. The UK has recorded a whopping 85,000 new business registrations in 2020, the highest percentage growth year on year since 2011.

Factors to consider when starting a business

In starting a business, (particularly in this unique pandemic shaped business environment), the entrepreneur needs to set up shop fast but efficiently in order to address the needs of, and secure clients ASAP so he/she can start making a profit quickly.

1. Paretos Principle

Pareto’s Principle (80/20 rule) states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of the actions. The entrepreneur needs to focus on what is vital for profit. So it is critical to focus on the most productive actions alone in order to conserve energy (resources and money) in order to launch ASAP and start enjoying profits sooner.

2. Plan all the way to the end

Ever heard the quote “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”? BLS statistics show that on average 20% of new businesses fail within the first year and the 2nd most frequent reason for failure is business plan problems…either having a cluttered or flawed business plan or having no business plan at all.

3. Money… Cash is king

BLS statistics also claim that that the 3rd most common cause of new business failures is too little financing….not enough money. Money is the lifeblood of any business…well that and enthusiasm, but if you don’t have much of the former you better have an abundance of the later.

What every entrepreneur needs

What a business needs is a well researched, straight forward pan that focuses on the top 20% of actions to give the maximum results. An entrepreneur needs these actions organized into a project plan so that the business launch progress is track-able. Money may also be an issue. So a business plan that includes a list of potential investors is a ray of sunshine…enter One Plan.

One Plan

It is a direct, thoroughly researched business launch solution with a 90-day action plan that tells the entrepreneur what to do at every stage of business progress. It also includes a 3-year financial projection and perhaps most importantly a list of suggested potential investors with experience investing in your business niche.

1. Business plan section

The primary section of One-Plan includes the BUSINESS VISION. Think of the vision as a point, which directs the actions of the business. An entrepreneur must be aware of the conditions of the internal and external environments of a business and the included SWOT analysis provides just that.  

There is a reason why Rolls Royce does not target middle-income households. It is for that very same reason Toyota advertises to middle-income households. The reason? TARGET CUSTOMER PROFILE.

One Plan considers the most probable customer profile(s) that would purchase a product or service and goes further to suggest OPTIMAL PRICE(S) for the products or services the business offers.

Knowing your customer (KYC) is great but knowing how and where to reach them is even better.

When best to sell lemonade other than on a hot summer day?

Consider the budding entrepreneur, operating a cold lemonade stand on a hot summer day. Where best to advertise than in a neighborhood where potential customers are familiar with the young vendor? And when best to advertise than when the sun is at its hottest and people are most dehydrated and most likely to purchase a cold drink?

One Plan considers consumer behavior in crafting a  MARKETING STRATEGY that places the business right in the path of its target customer at the right moment when they are most likely to purchase. This targeting also optimizes ad spending.

2. 90-day action plan

This might be the most important part of One Plan. This is a live document, within a project app, available on both Android and iOS, which is easily be accessed and updated on mobile devices, for easy progress tracking.

It not only details actions and milestones to launch and grow our business but allows the entrepreneur to invite collaborators and delegate tasks e.g. delegate “website design” to your web designer. What’s more, each 90-day action plan is tailored to the specific needs of each entrepreneur and is crafted to utilize and maximize whatever resources the entrepreneur has available.

3. Financial Projections

The accompanying excel template is programmed to output key financial information (which would prove useful when approaching potential investors for a loan). All the entrepreneur needs to do is key in some basic information.

The excel sheet includes programmed sections for payroll, cash flow, and BREAK EVEN NUMBER…allowing us to find out just how many sales we have to make in order to make a profit. This provides a psychological boost for the entrepreneurs, e.g. imagine knowing we have to sell just 15 glasses of lemonade (to cover business expenses), and every glass sold after that is pure profit.

Finally, this section includes a loan repayment calculator that allows us to calculate, how long it would take to enable us to pay back a loan from a potential investor, depending on how much we make in loan repayments each month.

4. Investor Outreach Email

In addition to providing access to potential investors who have niche-specific experience, One Plan also includes an outreach email, designed to grab the attention of potential investors. The email template is succinct, conveying only the most important and engaging information to pique the interest of any potential investor.

Illustration of characters trading money with ideas

5. FREE 30 Minute Phone Consultation

It’s not just a template, it’s a service too. It is important to understand the business needs and individual circumstances of every entrepreneur in order to obtain quality information to produce an actionable plan. This is why One-Plan includes a FREE 30-minute phone consultation with the business consultation department. Consulatations calls are via Whatsapp and scheduled via Calendly on purchase of One Plan.


One Plan is result-focused. Its purpose is to get the entrepreneur earning as soon as possible. It is also sensitive to the circumstances of the entrepreneur, allowing the new business owner set up shop with WHATEVER resources available (within reason) and then scale, allowing the entrepreneur use part of the profits to grow the business and yield better profits…and what’s more, One-Plan costs ONLY $130. Get yours now. Click here!

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