Cover letter for successful professional retraining

Has your career hit a dead end? Do you want to embark on a new career adventure? Retraining is a challenge that undoubtedly allows you to explore and find a fulfilling and promising professional path.

Has your career hit a dead end? Do you want to embark on a new career adventure? Retraining is a challenge that undoubtedly allows you to explore and find a fulfilling and promising professional path.

According to a study , more than nine in ten professionals in Britain, of working age opt for a career change, change jobs, or have already done so. Why not you ?

Discover the secrets of a successful retraining and download our cover letter template for a professional retraining.

Cover letter for professional retraining: start with the why

“People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy the WHY of what you do.” This golden rule applies to the writing of your cover letter for professional retraining . Changing lanes is far from an insurmountable challenge as long as we can explain it. Your cover letter should then highlight the reasons and motivations that pushed you to review your professional career. 

Cover letter for professional retraining: explain how

Highlight the HOW of your retraining in your cover letter for professional retraining , exactly how you think you are up to this change of trajectory. To do this, talk about your transferable skills. The goal is to create a correlation between what you have learned in the past and what you will need for your new career path. 

Example of a cover letter for professional retraining 

Charlotte Branson

Address: Street, Postal code, City 

E-mail: | Telephone: +44 (0) 6 00 00 00 00

Subject: Application for the position of [name of position]



I hereby would like to apply for the job of [ job name] that I was able to find out through [source where you found the ad] . I am currently working as [your current job title] at [name of your current employer] and I would like to retrain in the sector of [name of sector] .

Indeed, after [x] years of experience in the field of [name of the field of activity] , I would like to give a new turn to my career, because [reasons for your retraining] . This is why the offer as  seems like the perfect opportunity to use my skills and thus breathe new life into my professional life.

In my previous experiences, I had the opportunity to [descriptions of your previous responsibilities and accomplishments] . These opportunities have allowed me to develop [list of transferable skills] . It is for this reason that I believe I am qualified for the position of [name of position]. 

I have a great interest in your business and its activities, especially [mention which aspect of the business interests you] . I have just completed training in [note name of training and location] and have acquired skills and practical experience in [indicate skills acquired during training] . For the past three months, I have been working part-time as a volunteer at [company name] where I regularly use recently acquired skills. Considering all the above reasons, my adaptability and my motivation to succeed in my retraining, I am convinced that I could contribute to the development of [name of the company]in a useful way, in all its fields of activity.

You will find attached my CV for more information. If needed, I can also provide a list of recommendations.

I would be happy to discuss the position and my application in more detail at [insert contact details].

Hoping that my application will retain your attention, I remain at your disposal for a motivational interview.

Pending your response, please accept, Madam, Sir, my respectful greetings.

[Signature, if possible]

[First and last name]

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