Create your own Google job search engine

Today we will look at how to create your own Google CSEs in order to enable you to create your own work from home job search engine.

What is a Google CSE?

Quite simply a Custom Search Engine, is a personalized search engine. Google offers you the option to pre-configure its search engine in order to filter results according to rules defined by you.

As part of job search, a CSE can allow you automatically populate search criteria you would otherwise have had to enter manually.

Why create your own CSE?

Sure you have used Google for so long without creating your own search customized search engines on Google, so why do it now …Well, your Google CSE(s) can save you a considerable time when searching for candidates to fill a job role(if you are an employer), or searching for work from home jobs if you are a job seeker.

How to create your CSE

  • Specify the sites you want to “search”, set the default language, and name it
  • Click on  “CREATE”
  • In Change your search engine, go to the Configuration tab
  • Check that your public URL is activated so that you can share it later
  • Also, check that the Search only on included sites option is enabled
  • Update your CSE
  • Finally, change the default appearance of your CSE to Maximum Width
  • Click on Save

You can now go see what your CSE looks like by following the public URL link that we saw in the Configuration section (and that you have already saved to your favorites, of course)

CSE for PDF and Word documents

So the process is quite similar to the creation of an X-ray type CSE as described above with a few alterations, which I will explain to you below.

  • When creating your CSE, you can enter any site, for example
  • In configuring your CSE, remember to choose the option Search on the whole web by privileging the included sites

always check that your URL is public (and saved!), and that you have changed the appearance to Maximum Width etc.

The major difference now is ask Google to fetch us only PDF and Word

  • Go to Search Features and Filters
  • Click Add
  • Enter the filter you want to add (filetype here : pdf )
  • Click OK
  • If you want to create another filter for Word files for example, do the same by adding filetype: doc OR filetype: docx in the selection field.

And you can create them for Open Office documents, PowerPoint etc!


We can really do a lot with Google CSEs…

  • save time (and enhance productivity!)
  • avoid those really unbearable captchas
  • share and collaborate with your colleagues

Small problem: the search via CSE is by default more selective than the search directly from Google. If the results seem really insufficient to you, do not hesitate to relaunch your search directly from

Happy sourcing!

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